No Smoking Ads Effective

ImageMany of us know that long term smoking can lead to harmful effects, but now a recent ad campaign is showing positive signs of helping people kick the habit. You may have noticed the graphic commercials recently that show the effects of smoking. According to some recent numbers, those stop smoking ads are doing their job.

The often gruesome ads are turning heads and turning over some new life choices for smokers. The number of calls to tobacco quit lines has increased considerably in Ohio and across the nation ever since the government launched the graphic ad campaign.

“That would definitely be more helpful to make people not smoke because I’m, pretty sure most people don’t want that and it’s kind of disgusting in my opinion and I just don’t think many people would want to be like that,” says Blake Pappas

The Columbus Dispatch reports the government-sponsored 1-800-QUIT-NOW line fielded on average about 14,000 calls the week before the ad campaign started.

Those calls more than doubled in the week following the release of the ad campaign. Those we spoke with say they think the numbers will continue to grow.

“I would hope that those pictures would scare people into not smoking and have them realize the harmful effects from seeing other people who have gone through such tragic situations,” says Andrea Pappas.

“I think the more graphic the better because it really paints a truer picture of what you’re looking at long term from a lifetime of smoking so I say more power to them and I hope there are more to come,” says John Fitzgerald.

In the week before the ads, the Ohio line took an average of 34 calls a day. There were 136 calls the day the ad campaign started.


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