Smoking Ban in Indoor Places in Bulgaria with No Results

high quality dunhill cigsThe introduction of a smoking ban in indoor public places in Bulgaria did not led to serious reduction of the number of smokers in the country, shows the data of the latest research of the National Centre for the Study of Public Opinion, provided for FOCUS News Agency.

Only 3% of the respondents say they quit smoking after June 1, when the smoking ban came into force, as these are mostly people aged 30-39. The majority of the smokers – 74%, say that at the moment they smoke as much as before the ban was introduced.

One-fifth of the smokers have reduced the amount of smoked cigarettes after June 1. These are mostly citizens of the capital city.

At the moment 79% of the active smokers say they prefer to visit outdoor entertainment establishments or such with outdoor spaces for the clients. 41% of the people inquired say they go outside the entertainment establishment when they need to smoke a cigarette, while 29% said they prefer not to smoke in an indoor entertainment establishment.

Only 15% of the smokers say they do not go to entertainment establishments and have no problems with the new law. The public opinion survey was carried out on June 27 – July 3, 2012. More than 1,000 adults from 86 different settlements took part in the survey.


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