Smoking Outdoor Banned, Scotland Smoking Areas

cheap kiss cigsIn Scotland during the 1980s, public awareness about the long-term health risks of smoking was beginning to grow. Posters popped up in GP practices, shopping centres and bus stations and entire TV programmes such as ‘What’s Your Problem’ and ‘Scottish Women’ were dedicated to debating the topical issue.

This impact was reflected in the number of smokers, with the percentage of men smokers dropping from 41.5% to 32% and women from 35% to 29.5%.

But, despite this change, a smoker’s rights to light up in a public place was still very much assumed as a given, and the dangers of second-hand smoke was not widely considered.

Speaking on STV in 1985, Stephen Eyres from Forest, the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking, applauded “the British compromise” of providing smoking and non-smoking areas in public places such as buses and trains but said that he did not think there should be an all-out ban through legislation.

Sheila Duffy from ASH Scotland’s believes this decade was most interesting in what it revealed about the ‘hooky’ nature of the cigarette.


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