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Illicit Foreign Cigarette Sales Up

discount pall mall cigaretteA collection of empty cigarette packets has shown that more than a tenth of all the cigarettes smoked in the south west came from foreign bought or illicit sources. The packets were randomly collected from streets and easy access bins in the South West.

Analysis of discarded packs showed that 12.1 percent were either tax paid or non-tax paid cigarettes from other countries or else they were counterfeits. Read More…


Smoke-Free Laws Cut the Smokers Freedom

cheap pall mall cigarette“Smoking ban garners positive feedback in survey,” details how Orange County is proposing a ban of smoking in public places in an attempt to limit secondhand smoke. An overly large part of this article was dedicated to quotes by smokers saying that having a more limited area to smoke in would help them to “kick the habit” and quit smoking for good. Read More…